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Working to support Constituents in Parliament 

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 Parliament Business

I take every opportunity to raise Constituency priorities and concerns in Parliament. 

Cost of Living issues with Government Ministers, DWP and Pensions concerns.  

Visit Westminster

Westminster is open to everyone when Parliament is sitting.

My team can book Inside UK Parliament tours for you. The tours last 75 minutes

My Role in Parliament 

You can always find out what I’ve been doing by looking at  the record of my votes and speeches and the Scottish Affairs Select Committee page.

Carers Scotland Conference
Intergovernmental Relationships
Hansard Society - Risk Based Exclusion Amendment
Politics Scotland - Risk-Based Exclusion Motion
Compensation for WASPI Women
Nuclear Sites in Scotland
Using Security as a Political Wedge
Risk-Based Exclusion Motion and Safeguarding
Government Too Slow Ensuring Access To Cash

Wendy's Westminster Video Library 

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