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Supporting Constituents in Parliament 
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 Parliament Business

I take every opportunity to raise Constituency priorities and concerns in Parliament. 

Cost of Living issues with Government Ministers, DWP and Pensions concerns.  

Visit Westminster

Westminster is open to everyone when Parliament is sitting.

My team can book Inside UK Parliament tours for you. The tours last 75 minutes

My Role in Parliament 

You can always find out what I’ve been doing by looking at  the record of my votes and speeches and the Scottish Affairs Select Committee page.

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Parliamentary Business

©UK Parliament/Jessica Taylor

©UK Parliament/Jessica Taylor

©UK Parliament/Jessica Taylor

The Cost of Living

Households and businesses across North East Fife feeling the impact of skyrocketing bills and squeezed budgets. Some residents are facing the choice between heating and eating this winter, while local businesses face costs that could see them go to the wall. The UK Government has announced support, including a price cap, but I’m using my voice in Westminster demand more action to help People in North East Fife. I want to see vulnerable and low income households helped by a doubling of the Warm Home Discount. For local businesses, there needs to be more certainty than the six month cap in energy costs. I’m also calling on the UK Government to fund support for people at this difficult time with a windfall tax on oil and gas companies, rather than borrowing more.

Local Services

In the last two years, North East Fife has been hit by a wave of reductions to local services. Banks, Post Offices, Buses, Trains, and opening hours at Recycling Centres and Leisure Centres have all been cut. I’m determined to stand up for those vital services at the heart of communities, working with local people and the providers to protect them or find the best possible alternatives. I’m working to bring Community Banking Hubs to places where branches have closed, pressing Post Office to replace services which have been closed, and meet Stagecoach regularly to protect local bus routes. I know how important these services are to North East Fife, and I will keep on fighting to protect them.

Our Local Environment

North East Fife is a beautiful constituency. From the Lomond Hills in the Howe of Fife to The East Neuk and Tentsmuir, it’s a place of stunning scenery I’m proud to represent. I want to help protect that natural beauty, so I want to see the UK protect its natural environments, cut carbon emissions and clean up our air, seas and rivers. I support my party’s Green Recovery Plan, which includes properly insulating every home, getting renewable energy up to 80% of UK electricity. Locally, I’ve called on SEPA to tackle sewage spills in the River Eden and River Leven, helped plant trees in Gauldry, St Andrews, Newburgh and Cupar, taken part in beach cleans, and want Fife Council to improve local recycling centres.


I know how frustrated residents are with struggles to get GP appointments, long waiting lists for everything from operations to mental health support, and difficulties getting good quality social care. Although it’s a devolved matter, I will always speak up for residents facing healthcare difficulties. I meet with NHS Fife, care providers and GP surgeries regularly, raising issues brought to me by individual constituents. In Westminster, I have introduced a new law which would give carers who work a right to unpaid leave. It has the support of many of the UK’s biggest charities and carer groups. If it passes, it will give x number of people rights they have never had before.

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