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I feel privileged to work for you and be your voice in Parliament, raising issues from across the Constituency and working to support your concerns.


In the constituency, I work closely with residents, listening to what is affecting you and raising those issues on your behalf. My office has raised over 20,000 items of casework in the 4 years, since I was elected. 

In Westminster, I speak out to raise North East Fife issues and demand better for you by challenging Government. I am the Liberal Democrat Spokesperson for DWP and Pensions and I sit on the Scottish Affairs Committee. 

Some of the main issues constituents are raising with me currently include: the cost of living crisis, cuts to local services, our environment, health and wellbeing including the challenges of caring and the closure of banks and post offices.

About Me

I am proud to work for the constituents of North East Fife and my road into politics has been varied, working within communities in Scotland and serving the public.


I live in Fife with my husband and two children. After studying English at Edinburgh University, I joined the police and served in various roles in Fife and Edinburgh for 12 years.

I was elected as the MP for North East Fife in 2019. Since then, I have taken action, on the issues that matter to Constituents. I have spoken out against cuts to local services, including Post Offices, banks, rail services and bus routes. In the summer of 2021, over 1,000 residents backed my petition against Post Office Closures, which I presented in Parliament.

Working with my team, we have supported local people and business during the Covid-19 pandemic and lockdowns. I called for extra support for local business, including the self employed and tourism.  

Currently energy and cost of living concerns are a real focus for so many in the Constituency and I am challenging Government on support for homes and businesses. The closure of local services and access to healthcare, lack of affordable housing are issues being brought to me.

My Priorities


Cost of Living

Households and businesses across North East Fife feeling the impact of skyrocketing bills and squeezed budgets. Some residents are facing the choice between heating and eating this winter, while local businesses face costs that could see them go to the wall.



Local Services

Our local services have been hit by a wave of reductions. I am determined to stand up for those vital services at the heart of communities, working with local people and the providers to protect them or find the best possible alternatives.


Local Environment

North East Fife is a beautiful constituency, from the Lomond Hills in the Howe of Fife to the East Neuk and Tentsmuir. I am eager to see the UK protect its natural environments, cut carbon emissions and clean up our air, seas and rivers.


Health and Social Care

Last year I passed the Carers Leave Act which entitles carers to paid leave. I am working hard to raise awareness and improve treatments for lesser known conditions and advocate for more recruitment into health and social care.


Demanding Better of Government

As an MP, demanding better from the Government is deeply important to me. This can be for a range of things, from ensuring correct funding, advocating for human rights and opposing voter ID.

Working for Constituents in North East Fife

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