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Clarity needed on park homes energy support

Updated: Jan 22, 2023

Wendy Chamberlain has joined other Liberal Democrat MPs in writing to the new business secretary, calling for him to set out how the government will deliver energy bill support to people in park homes.

The UK Government did not include households in park homes in its original Energy Support Scheme in March and excluded them from the £400 support which is being distributed to other consumers via a direct reduction in their energy bills.

In July the government promised equivalent support but it has not yet set out how this will be delivered. Liberal Democrat MPs have written to Grant Shapps, the new Secretary of State for Business, Energy, and Industrial Strategy, asking him to urgently set out how the government plans to deliver this support.

Wendy Chamberlain said:

“The government has had more than enough time to come up with answers for park home residents who are struggling with the increased cost of their energy bills. It is unacceptable that months after they were promised equivalent support the government has left them in limbo.

“We are talking about hundreds of thousands of households which have been overlooked, including people in North East Fife, as winter approaches and temperatures drop.

“The government needs to do more for people in park homes but also for people who are off the gas network. Many households have seen the cost of heating oil go through the roof while the government refuses to cap their bills.”


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