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Foodbank Support in Cupar.

North East Fife MP Wendy Chamberlain visited Rotary Club volunteers at their collection point for Cupar Foodbank on Friday 1st December 2023.


Wendy Chamberlain met with the volunteers at their collection point in Tesco in Cupar, where they were accepting donations of food for Cupar Foodbank.

The collection was organised with the support of the supermarket.


Ms Chamberlain also saw a new scheme which Tesco have introduced to make donations easier. Shoppers can collect a pre-made bag from the collection point which they can then pay for and return as a donation.


Wendy Chamberlain said:


“Foodbanks and their volunteers provide what has sadly become an essential service for many people. I hear from my constituents how difficult many of them are finding the huge increases in the cost of living, with food prices and energy bills still far above what they were just a couple of years ago.


“I have called on the government to do more to support people and I also co-chair the parliamentary group for ending the need for foodbanks. But as long as foodbanks remain necessary they should have our full support.


“I am grateful to the volunteers who contribute so much to keep them running and I encourage those who can to consider donating to their local foodbank.”



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