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Highlighting energy companies’ poor service

Updated: Feb 20, 2023

Wendy Chamberlain has been writing to some of the most vulnerable constituents to highlight the support her office can provide in dealing with problem energy companies. She has highlighted a range of complaints and the cases of constituents she and her staff were able to help.

An increasing number of constituents suffering problems with their energy providers, including incorrect billing, poor communication, and inadequate customer service, have been in contact over the past few months. Wendy has now written to constituents who could be most as risk from these problems.

Wendy previously resolved a issue raised by Judith Collins who ran a charity shop in Cupar. She was charged excessive bills - up to £2,200 over summer - on the basis of incorrect meter readings.

Speaking about her experience, Judith Collins said:

“When I got a bill for over £2000 for three month’s supply I was completely at a loss and desperate for help. The energy company failed to explain why they were billing me so much and couldn’t send me an accurate invoice.

“Wendy Chamberlain and her staff were able to get the company to revise the bills and agree a free-of-charge cancellation of the contract. I cannot thank them enough.”

Wendy Chamberlain added:

“People in North East Fife are facing increased energy costs and rising prices. Poor service from utility companies only makes that strain worse. It is vital that they provide a good service by communicating with customers and invoicing correctly.

“I recently met with a UK Government minister to raise these issues on behalf of those who have already contacted me. However, I am keen to find out how many others are affected.

“That is why I have written to constituents who are most at risk from poor service. I encourage people who have experienced incorrect billing or poor quality of service from their energy provider to contact my office.”


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