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Stop this treatment lottery - Chamberlain supports Fife Mum.

I have been working with families to raise the profile of PANS PANDAS condition and the Courier have published an article today - 12 October 2023, highlighting Sara Wilson and her family's challenges to secure a diagnosis for her son.

Sara was the first Constituent to contact me about the condition. It really is a treatment lottery, families enter into. I am calling for the Government to improve recognition of symptoms by medical professionals and support families who are at crisis.

Last month Wendy Chamberlain MP for North East Fife also called on the UK government to recognise PANS/PANDAS when she raised the issue at Prime Minister’s Questions.

Wendy Chamberlain said: “PANS/PANDAS is an absolutely horrible condition.

“It is made much worse through the lack of recognition by doctors and decision makers.

“I want every child to have access to the correct medication and support when they need it, and this starts with awareness raising at every level.

“But I will not stop until the treatment lottery is over.”

“I am working with colleagues in the Scottish Parliament. Together we will make sure that the NHS is equipped to treat all children safely, quickly and compassionately.”


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