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Violent incidents at Waid Academy

Updated: Feb 20, 2023

Wendy Chamberlain, Willie Rennie MSP and, East Neuk and Landward councillors Fiona Corps and Sean Dillon have issued a joint statement following violent incidents at Waid Academy:

"Violence in any environment is distressing and ugly but in a place where minds should be focused on improvement and learning it is deeply alarming. We have heard directly from parents about their concerns about behaviour especially in recent weeks.

“We have been corresponding with the local authority and the school to be assured that the school leaders are taking all the appropriate steps to de-escalate the situation and also to provide our support. We will be have further meetings over the next few days but also months as this requires a long term focus.

“Young people deserve the best educational environment free from fear of violence and we will do everything we can to ensure Waid Academy is that kind of environment."


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