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Wendy receives ‘Carer Positive’ recognition

Updated: Jan 22, 2023

Wendy Chamberlain today became recognised as the latest ‘Carer Positive’ employer in Scotland, underlining her commitment to supporting employees who balance work with unpaid caring responsibilities. The MP was presented with the accreditation by the Director of Carers Scotland.

The Carer Positive Award celebrates employers in Scotland who demonstrate good practice in how they support carers, from providing carer’s leave and flexible working policies to practical health and wellbeing measures. The scheme also highlights the benefits to employers, who by implementing this support, are in a better position to recruit and retain valuable members of staff. Ms Chamberlain joins over 240 employers who have achieved the award to date.

Nearly 300,000 people in Scotland are working carers, equating to around one in eight in the workplace, with this figure likely to increase as the population ages and we work longer. A workplace culture which understands the challenges faced by carers and supports their personal circumstances can make a huge difference to how staff are able to manage their work and caring roles.

This recognition follows Wendy Chamberlain’s Carer’s Leave Bill passing its second reading on 21st October. The Bill would introduce a statutory right for unpaid carers to take time off work and is intended to help unpaid carers balance work and caring responsibilities.

Director of Carers Scotland, Richard Meade said:

“We are delighted to recognise Wendy Chamberlain MP as a Carer Positive employer and welcome her efforts in raising awareness of the need to support employees who juggle work with caring responsibilities.

“Carers Scotland would also encourage other local employers to follow Wendy’s example and is happy to provide support to any organisation wishing to join the growing number of Carer Positive employers in Scotland.”

Wendy Chamberlain added:

“I am very glad to be recognised as a Carer Positive employer and I would encourage other employers to consider doing the same.

“As I have worked on my Carer’s Leave Bill over recent months I have med with many unpaid carers. Talking to them I have heard of the challenges they face in balancing work and caring responsibilities. For many it is so difficult that they leave employment.

“The work unpaid carers do is fundamentally important to our society. It often happens in private and goes unacknowledged. That is why it is crucial for employers to recognise their contribution and do what they can to make it easier.”


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