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Work in Westminster last week.

Wendy had a busy week in Westminster before returning to the Constituency for a range of local events and meetings in support of Constituents and Community work.

Check out some of my work in Westminster last week.

  • Panellist on UCL Constitution Unit, The Future of Democracy in the UK: Public Attitudes and Policy Options report launch event

  • Met with Women’s Aid and Suzy Lamplugh Trust as part of L'Oreal campaign against gender based violence

  • Attended Afghan Women’s Forum

  • Had discussion with the Police Federation regarding the Elizabeth Medal for Police Officers who die in line of duty

  • Met with the Horticultural Trades Association

  • Supported the Cats Protection League re: domestic abuse survivors and their pets

  • Had discussion with UCL Students Association to discuss Russell Universities Cost of Living Report

  • Met with UK Year of Service

  • Attended event on Energy Bills and Standing Charges

  • Supported Pensioners and Pension Credit with DWP

  • Met with the Scottish Federation of Housing Associations

  • Spoke with politics students from the University of Manchester regarding Private Members Bills as part of Parliament’s education team programme


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